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Yay Sox! I'm not gonna mention that other game, though, or the one tonight, because of the Gris-Gris. I'm seriously afraid of the Gris-Gris.

In other news, it's HOT down here. This 95 degrees/100% humidity in the middle of October shit is for the birds. I guess this is our punishment for having such a mild summer this year--it's NEVER GOING TO END. See what I mean about Gris-Gris?

Lost was pretty good last night. It was no Locke-in-a-freaking-wheelchair (OMFG HOLY SHIT ALKJSDL:FKJEJRWLM!), but then really, what could top that? It was nice to finally get some background on Jack, and the end was good. I was so creeped out by those dolls lying all over the ground (scary dolls! scary dolls!) that even though I totally knew that coffin was gonna be empty, it still kinda wigged me out. Also, I'm finding it harder and harder to dislike Sawyer. I mean, for starters, he totally looks like Viggo (HOT!). But then last night he was reading Watership Down--how can you hate a guy who's reading Watership Down? I suspect the prop guys only gave him that book because it's got a picture of a rabbit on the cover, which fits with the whole theme/title of the episode (like the comic book with the killer polar bear in the pilot), but whatever. It's totally cool anyway.

As for West Wing, it was fine. I mean, no, it wasn't fine, because it's not the show it was five years ago, but I'm long past the point where that bothers me now. WW and I started growing apart sometime around season three, so by now I've already gone through all the stages of grief and can just watch it impassively like it's any other show on TV. Because as bad as it's been since Aaron left (and it's been pretty bad), it's still a pretty decent show, when you compare it to most of the other dramas on TV. And honestly, it often wasn't all that when Aaron was writing it, either, especially his last couple of seasons. And the thing is, no matter how bad it gets, Brad Whitford is still wicked cute, and Allison Janney is still fabulous, and Martin Sheen still rocks, so I can still enjoy watching it because I'm no longer a fan--I'm just a casual observer. And even though I'm not impressed with the Donna-gets-blown-up storyline, it's totally worth it just to get to watch Jason Isaacs and listen to that sexy accent. See how easy I am to please these days?

I am hating Leo, though. I mean, I've never liked him all that much (except maybe in Noel--who could not love Leo in Noel?) but now he's just annoying and stupid and I'm so ready for him to do that thing the spoilers say he's going to do.

Also? The media used to crawl all over Aaron for using the show to criticize George Bush, but last night was just as heavy-handed as anything Aaron ever did.

Sit Room Dude: Believe me, sir, we'll find a way to link the attacks back to them later.
Appalled!Bartlet: Are you suggesting we use the attack on our congressional delegation as a pretext to attack another country we don't know to be responsible?

Maybe they could claim they have WMD. That seemed to work pretty well for Bush. Oh wait, Iran DOES have WMD.

Gee, I wonder how John Wells feels about the war in Iraq?

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