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I have been so bad about updating lately. I don't what my deal is, but I've been in a serious lazy funk. All I feel like doing is watching TV, knitting, and playing World of Warcraft. And that's pretty much all I've been doing. Bad Sus!

But now I've only got two days until I leave for Sundance (SQUEE!) and I have a serious amount of shit to do before I go, so I am officially getting off my ass and getting busy.

Except that right now I'm sitting here drinking coffee and updating my LJ. Later on I'll get busy for sure.

So many Bubblefics, so little time. I'm probably not going to get to a lot of them before I leave, but I want to put in a special plug for the wonderful story that pathstotread wrote pour moi, because there's a serious shortage of good Bones fic in the world and she did a terrific job. So go read it. And don't forget to post feedback. Writers love feedback.

I wish I had loads of clever, insightful things to say about the Golden Globes, but as part of my lazy phase I didn't even bother to make up a list of predictions this year. I know! I don't know what the hell's wrong with me. I'll be better for the Oscars, though, I promise.

I wasn't particularly emotionally invested in anyone this year, although I was obviously pleased with Hugh Laurie, Felicity Huffman and Mary-Louise Parker's wins. Hugh's speech was wonderful, second only, perhaps, to Steve Carrell's (Nancy Walls! Oh, how I've missed you and your snark, Nancy! Come back to us!). Mary-Louise, however, was not at her best, and I was starting to wonder if she'd been indulging in a little of her character's merchandise until she pulled it together enough to pay a nice tribute to John Spencer.

And speaking of, I really missed the Roll Call of the Dead last night. It's always one of my favorite parts of award shows, and I like to see it on the Globes in particular because they include both television and film personalities. Bah.

Emma Thompson was fantastic in her P&P presentation, but then when is Emma not fantastic? And I do so enjoy the brief glimpses you get during the Globes of all the drunk celebs mixing and mingling. Seeing Kiefer and Donald Sutherland hugging was adorable, as was Emma and Hugh Laurie making faces. And that shot of Emma and Colin Firth (who was looking particularly fine, btw--the man wears scruff well) on the red carpet playfully kissing each other on the cheeks? *is dead from cute*
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