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Because I'm feeling linkspammy today...

Taggers strike Montrose with knitted graffiti

Their movement had started small, with a knitted cover on the door handle of a Montrose boutique, then a cover for the pole of a nearby stop sign at the corner of Dunlavy and Hawthorne. Reaction to the pieces was immediate and positive. The two founders took graffiti names, AKrylik and PolyCotN, and ran with it, forming a crew and calling it Knitta, Please!

Is my town cool or what? *wonders what my griffiti knitter alias should be*

Famous-type person Elijah Wood brutally accosted by that most lethal of coffee shop denizens, the sketchy, pitch-happy "producer"

Then the "producer" dude actually had the nerve to say to Frodo, "So, do you live around here?" Frodo was trapped into explaining that no, he lives in Venice, but his mom was at a hairdresser's up the street. How cute is that?? Not only does he hang out with his MOM while she's getting her hair done but even fetches her coffee!! (Hmmm. Maybe he's gay after all.)

Fox counters the CW with its own new network

Seriously, could they have come up with a potential line-up that sounds less appealing to me? I think not.

Gaucho pants are back?

Really? Really? Are you sure you want to do that? I've still got pictures from the last time they were in style, and I can assure you that's one fashion trend you are gonna regret in five to ten years. Or even six weeks.

And in the Department of Awwwww: Brokeback shirts go for $100,000

"They really are the ruby slippers of our time," said Gregory, 45. A longtime gay activist, Gregory plans to keep the shirts "as they were, on the hanger, entwined. I would never wear them, put them on, or separate them."
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