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And the Oscar went to WHO?

Well, I kinda sucked on my Oscar picks again this year. Only 12 out of 24. My personal record is 18 and I have yet to match it. The annoying thing is, I actually called the Crash win, but then I second-guessed myself and crossed it out. I had a sort of suspicion there'd be a Brokeback Mountain backlash, because it'd just been getting too much attention and there were too many parodies and jokes flying around to the point that we were all sick of hearing about it. But then I thought, nah, the Academy will want to show the world how progressive and gay-loving they are by giving an Oscar to BBM. Shows how much I know.

A while back austin360 mentioned in her blog that I've become an eBay whore. Well, that's not exactly true, but I have recently ventured into the exciting world of eBay for the first time. See, one day while looking at Veronica Mars LJ communities, I stumbled on a little place called neptune_style. The wonderful people over there (and at a similarly-themed thread on TWOP) spend their free time identifying Veronica's clothes and posting info on where you can buy them. Hey, I thought, I've always liked the way Veronica dresses--lots of casual layers and jeans and hoodies and cute t-shirts--I should check that out. Turns out, a lot of the stuff she wears on the show is pretty common, and once it's out of the stores you can often find it on eBay, brand new with tags, at huge discounts.

So far I've bought two jackets, both from "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner." This one that she wore during the bathroom scene with Logan ("How much easier would your life be if you were indifferent to me?") and this one that she wore to the cigar shop and was subsequently sniffed by Keith. And both are pretty and awesome and comfy and fit me perfectly! Yay!
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