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So, on Tuesday's House, Adam Busch played a clinic patient. And in an episode in November, Tom Lenk played a clinic patient. All they need to do is get Danny Strong on to play a clinic patient and they'll have completed the Buffy Nerd Trio hat trick. Coincidence?

I loved last night's Bones. Like, way more than I know it deserved. Once again, the plot itself was eh, but I found Brennan surprisingly non-annoying and normal. Sympathetic, even. And I loved her interactions with Booth--teasing, but with an obvious undercurrent of mutual respect and--dare I say it?--affection. I got a little weak in the knees when he called her "Temperance" at the end. And that little half-smile when he was looking at the picture of her? *swoon* They keep this up and I might be willing to jump off the Booth /Angela ship and buy a ticket on the Booth/Brennan Ferryboat o' Love.
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