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We may experience some slight turbulence and then explode

On Saturday night Mr. Sus and I watched Serenity for the first time since we saw it in the theater last year. Yes, I've owned the DVD since Christmas and didn't even crack the plastic wrap until this weekend. You know why? Because Joss Whedon is an evil bastard. God, I love him. It's taken exactly this long for us to get over the extreme emotional distress inflicted by that fantastic freaking movie so that we could face the prospect of watching it again. It's still the best movie I've seen since Return of the King. And it still breaks my heart into a thousand tiny little pieces.

Part of the reason we finally sucked it up and watched the damn thing again is that I've been working on my Mal/Inara fic. I've decided to do something a little bit different and maybe kinda dumb. Instead of just writing a simple, 1000-word shipper fic like I'm supposed to, I'm writing an entire episode. Four acts, a teaser, A, B and C storylines and everything. Yeah, I don't know what's wrong with me, either.

I guess I've been reading too much of Jane Espenson's blog lately and it's been making me miss writing spec scripts and I decided I wanted to write one for Firefly. Only I figure the ficathon readers aren't really looking to read a script, so I'm writing it as a narrative and then I'll maybe go back later and adapt it into a script if I like the way it turns out. Don't worry, though, it'll be a Mal/Inara heavy episode--something along the lines of "Shindig" in terms of their interactions with one another. But I just couldn't bring myself to write in the Firefly 'verse without doing an ensemble piece because I love that ensemble like woah.
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