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Oy with the poodles already

Ya'll I am so over Gilmore Girls. It's not even that Tuesday's ep was all that bad, I'm just so tired of it. It's not fun anymore and I don't even care what happens to the characters.

I did read this thing the other day implying that the reason they've kept Luke and Lorelai at arm's length this season is because Scott Patterson and Lauren Graham don't get along and have terrible physical chemistry. Is this true? I've never paid much attention to GG behind-the-scenes gossip, but I guess it wouldn't surprise me. I have noticed that Scott Patterson's seemed really stiff all season, and every time he has to interact with Lauren Graham it's like he thinks she's made of glass and if he gets too close or touches her she'll break or something. And I do think the flatness of the Luke/Lorelai dynamic has something to do with my growing lack of interest in the show, but I'd sort of assumed that was the fault of the uneven writing. Whatever. *shrug*

Still haven't watched House. I think I'll save it for the weekend or maybe a night when there's nothing on.

Bones was awful last night. I mean, there were some cute moments and all, but overall it was a really clumsy plot, awkwardly written. Eh, that's sort of the joy of it, I think, that some weeks it's awful and others it's surprisingly not awful. And even when it's awful, you've always got Boreanaz being hot and charming and entertaining so it's never a total loss. But next week's episode? Oy. I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to stand to watch them trivialize and stereotype post-Katrina New Orleans and voodoo traditions. If it's anything like the rap episode I may be physically ill.

And what the hell was up on Veronica Mars? I kept having to rewind scenes to follow all the exposition that was being crammed down my throat whenever they were talking about the Curly/Weevil/Thumper/Felix/Fitzpatricks stuff. I cannot tell ya'll how much I don't even care about any of that stuff. And it was like I didn't even recognize the characters I usually love. What the hell's up with Beaver? Since when has Jackie turned into Mother Theresa? What's up with Wallace being an asshole? And where was Dick? Of the good: the Logan/Veronica high-five on the stakeout and the dancing. Otherwise, the whole episode just felt off. I feel like they're trying to jam so many plot threads and red herrings into the show that it's impossible to be invested in all of them.

In other news, I've been listening the heck out of Patty Griffin's Impossible Dream and I've decided it's the unofficial Firefly soundtrack. Almost every song on that album makes me think of one or more of the characters on that show. And yes, I'm still plugging away at my Firefly fic. Only one and a half acts to write and then I'll have a completed draft.


Apr. 6th, 2006 03:50 pm (UTC)
But it had cheesy PowerPoint!
Ooh, interesting re: VM. Maybe it's because I had to concentrate *hard* to make out what was going on through my really, really, really bad UPN feed (it's like that about once a month--I didn't even keep it on my TiVo because it was so bad), but this was one of my favorite eps in a long time. Maybe it's because I love all things Weevil, or because it was the first hand-over-my-mouth-in-horror ending since "Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner". Or maybe it's because you could see the bus wre...er, train wrecks coming for so many characters (Mac! Beaver! Nooooooo!) but the train still wrecked. I guess I bought the Wallace stuff as something a teenage boy would screw up (it probably doesn't hurt that I don't give two figs about Jane--the sweetest girl in school? Thanks for telling me that instead of showing me), and although I agree that they should have shown us more of the transition on screen, I can buy that Jackie's social fall from grace has made her reconsider things and choose to try to be more like the only people who have been decent to her in Neptune, even if they haven't always been decent. But show it!! And it was funny for a change--Logan's borrowing of the stamp? Ha!

Still, I reserve the right to be ticked if these threads don't go anywhere. I have to assume something is up with Beaver, but if this just floats away or is badly resolved, I'll be irked.

I will say this, though--I think making the mystery arc so big was a mistake. Last year's mystery was one issue that essentially affected three families. This year, the mystery involves real estate prices, the drug market, etc., etc. It's bigger, but the emotional stakes aren't. I'm hoping the preview indicates that next week's ep ups the stakes of "What does Veronica want?" again.

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