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I could round up a few guys from the old neighborhood

Oh my god, ya'll. Best West Wing... well, not ever, but definitely since Aaron left. I cried my way through the whole funeral montage in the teaser, and then I rewound it and watched again, pausing to enjoy every wonderful familiar face the camera revealed in the pews. The whole episode was so wonderful. No plot to speak of that I cared about, just all my favorite characters from the old days, getting together and talking about Leo and talking about each other, and just... being those characters that I've missed so much. It's just so lovely that so many of the actors came back, even the ones who didn't have dialogue or scenes outside the cathedral. And so many little touches that hearkened back to moments from episodes past. Honestly, I can't think of a single thing I'd change about this episode. I guess maybe I'd lift out all the boring stuff about the Santos transition, but in a way I was grateful for it because it gave me a chance to pull myself together and ease up on the crying for a few minutes.

This was the first episode since sometime in season three that I wanted to watch again as soon as it was over. I'm actually thinking of buying the DVDs for this season when they come out, just so I can have this one episode to keep.

I'd try to list all the things I loved most, but there are just too many. Every second of every scene that Allison Janney was in. Jed and Abbey. Charlie and Toby! Charlie and Donna! Danny! Ainsley! The Amy/Josh/Donna farce. The looks on Danny's and Josh's faces. The president going to talk to Margaret. Donna sitting down with the assistants outside C.J.'s/Leo's office. Josh and C.J. Leo's chair. Josh with the president and his quietly devestated, "I was supposed to do all this with Leo." And then the end, when Josh walks through the gate (the Noel gate!) and stops to look back at the White House all lit up at night. *sob* I miss my show, ya'll.

Really, I wish this had been the last episode. It would have made a perfect ending to the show. And I can't imagine that anything that's going to happen in the next three (four?) episodes is going to top this.

I'm very annoyed, however, at NBC for deciding to call next week's episode the "Reunion Event." WTFever. I'm pleased as punch to see Rob Lowe back and all, but I wouldn't exactly call it an event. Especially not coming on the heels of tonight's episode which was actually, you know, a reunion event. Literally. Figures that the asshat couldn't be bothered to show up for a tribute to Leo where he was likely to be overshadowed by all the other guest stars, and had to have an episode all to himself. Oscar winner Marlee Matlin? Happy to show up for a one-shot cameo in a montage. Rob Lowe? Not so much. Because, you know, it's all about Rob Lowe.
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