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Um... ow

You know how I was kinda sore from the rolling blading the other day? Well since yesterday "kinda sore" has turned into excruciating, incapacitating muscle spasming agony.

This is particularly sucky because I'm supposed to go to the Over the Hedge premiere with austin360 this weekend. Like the actual red carpet celebrity shebang in L.A., with Steve Carell, Bruce Willis (which always means a possible side of Ashton and Demi), Allison Janney, et al. Not to mention our plans to hang with kelbelle, tlbelle, and bgirlla while we're there.

Since my back seemed to be getting worse rather than better, and since Mr. Sus apparently thinks the phrase back spasm equates to lifelong chronic back problems with a possibility of terrifying surgery, I went to the doctor today. And the doctor told me I'm totally fine, it's just muscle strain from the exercise and I need to take it easy, stretch, and then keep exercising to strengthen my back.

Armed with the knowledge that it's not something totally scary-sounding like a bulging disk, I've decided to suck it up and go to L.A. anyway. It's actually feeling the slightest bit better this afternoon, so I figure between the super-strength anti-inflammatories and the stretching exercises, I ought to be able to get on a plane by Saturday. Hopefully. The doctor even offered me Vicodan, but I don't do narcotics well, so I thought better a little back pain than nausea and vomiting (and I think austin360 would agree).

I'm not, however, going to be able to pull off the pre-L.A. shopping excursion I'd planned (seriously, ya'll, I can barely put on my own clothes), so instead of wearing a snazzy new outfit to rub elbows with Allison, I'll be wearing my nice, but rather ill-fitting pants. Oh crap, I have no shoes. Hmmm. Maybe I can hobble into Nine West tomorrow afternoon.

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