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Please admire my new icon, in honor of the Veronica Mars finale. Only 51 minutes to go! I don't really think Butters did it, though. Probably. I've just been telling everyone that as a joke and I think it's awesome that there's actually an icon for it. My best (completely unspoiled) guess is either Beaver or Jackie. Or possibly Mr. Manning. There's something up with that man--mark my words.

Gilmore Girls is on right now, and yet I find that I don't care a bit. And if the WB thinks I'm going to miss the first two minutes of Veronica Mars for the last two crappy minutes of Gilmore Girls, they are sadly delusional.


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May. 10th, 2006 01:36 am (UTC)
So, a bus crashed? Hmmm.
May. 10th, 2006 02:52 am (UTC)
You'll see, my dear. ;)
May. 10th, 2006 01:44 am (UTC)
I'm excited too! We cancelled are Gilmore Girls recording too for Veronica Mars! No way is stupid April getting in the way of me figuring out the secrets of the bus crash!
May. 10th, 2006 02:05 am (UTC)
GG didn't go over 8pm hear. But it was kind of lame. VM though: FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!

(I hope the added exclamation points tell you how fantastic I thought it was.)
May. 10th, 2006 02:06 am (UTC)
Um, and when I say "hear" you know I mean "here".
May. 10th, 2006 04:46 pm (UTC)
You were excited--how could you be expected to control your homophones under such conditions? Of course, VM rarely controls their homophones, what with Logan and Weevil always running around and...wait a minute.

I'll go back to my bitter corner now. ;)
May. 10th, 2006 09:06 pm (UTC)
Hee hee. So what's your deal that you're upset? I'm sorry, but I have a hard time keeping track of everyone's fannish leanings, because I can't even control the use of my homophones.

Logan/Weevil: OTP, btw.
May. 10th, 2006 09:17 pm (UTC)
I could get behind Logan/Weevil (er...so to speak), except I'm NEVER SHIPPING AGAIN. Did you get enough Weevil for your tastes, or were there other things that made you happy?

I was far too attached to Cassidy and Mac, and while I'd gotten on board the idea of Cassidy meeting a bitter end after being revealed as the desperate bus bomber, I feel like they overreached by making him responsible for all evil (going back to Veronica's rape is just nonsensical). What, he offered Adam the apple? Stole the crown jewels? Rode a tank and held a general's rank? If they'd pulled back just a touch, it would have been absolutely crushing (I thought the end of the rooftop/going down to Mac was about perfect), but by overreaching the did weird things to the character and the season and I am full of the bitter.

I'm getting better, though. ;)
May. 11th, 2006 03:59 am (UTC)
I think Veronica/Keith are the true (platonic) OTP. There wasn't enough Weevil, I feel bad for him, especially cause he actually didn't do it this time.

I agree with you on the Cassidy stuff, I mean, there was a bit of a build up to Beav's emotional problems. We've seen Dick torture him and his father disappeared and then the molestation stuff; but really, half of that confrontation scene with Veronica was this Expository Bullshit that NEVER EVER was even hinted at during the season. Like Veronica really worked it all out in her head in the hour she had. And the Very Dramatic 'Beav's a Bad Guy' revelation when he's shirtless was amusing.

I get where you're coming from but I still loved that it was so out of left field that I was geniunely shocked.
May. 11th, 2006 04:37 pm (UTC)
By the way, alanao and I are spoilerific down here--beware!
I so agree with you on Keith--he's by far my favorite character because he's the only person in the entire unincorporated town of Neptune who *takes care of a child*. Actually, Veronica and Cassidy had a lot of similar problems and could have taken similar paths. The big difference between them? Veronica had Keith. OTP (platonic!!), indeed. I think I might be ready for that good cry now.

I'm slowly coming to terms with some of the stuff I had problems with, but I completely agree with you on the Scooby Doo expository crap. That and the trying to pin *everything that ever happened* on Cassidy (he ate the Lindbergh baby!), which pushes the characterization past the groundwork they laid (badly damaged) to places they hadn't done prep work for (oozing with evil), are things I probably won't ever come to terms with. So I'm going to ignore them and skip right to the good stuff, because there was a lot of stuff that *really* worked. Like Woody throwing a deer head at Keith, for example. ;)
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May. 12th, 2006 04:28 pm (UTC)
More spoilerama
(moving the previous conversation into a new comment because the threading, while convenient, is now literally putting one word per line)

I could be mistaken, but I thought CW was taking off the tape (or cap or whatever) he'd covered the lens of the security camera with.

I managed to suck it up and watch this last night (seriously, for all my complaining and fanwanking, what they get right they get so right that I'm still, a couple of days later, struggling to recover), and you're 100% right on this. I thought I saw a puddy tat...er, Clarence leaving something in the room, but that was totally me hallucinating to a Gravenhurt cover (the music on this show is almost as amazingly good as the casting).

Well, one must presume that her fingerprints and various bodily fluids (ewww) are all over that crime scene. Which makes her a likely candidate for Suspect Number One, a fact that must surely have occured to her.

As an aside: word to the ew. You know, one of the things that came up during the season was underestimating Kendall--maybe *she* planted the stain on Monica Lewinsky's blue dress.

I'm really quite in love with this explanation--but what does she have to use against Keith? His reaction to whatever is in that briefcase seemed (to me--thoughts?) to be equal parts intrigue and repulsion--what is it? Would it have to be something she had on Keith (to blackmail him into helping her), including but not limited to potentially being able to implicate him (or V) in Aaron Echolls' death? Or could it be something he *wants*--does she have dirt that could bring down the entire Fitzpatrick operation? If she was working both sides of the con with Duncan (while keeping the option of Aaron as sugar daddy open), how much is the bounty on the baby daddy? What else could he want enough to ditch Veronica at the airport? Innnnteresting.

It kind of reeks of Damon Lindleloff doing his Lost podcasts after J.J. Abrams has abandoned him for CrazyCruise going "No, no, no, really, I don't care what 4 fired writers say we really sit down in the room and plan out EIGHT seasons of this show and we know EVERYTHING". It's lies, it's all lies.

Guh! Bite your tongue. The Curse of the Island has already come down on VM's ratings--don't bring it on the show itself! ;)

I really do buy that they knew they wanted him as the bus bomber and blackmailer--the pieces are all there. I think the plot clues for a couple of other things (the bag switch in Cheatty Cheatty; the inclusion of Curly) are there, although I don't think they work very well emotionally and lead to the overreach problem. The one thing we actually saw him do was blow up Woody's plane (hmmm--I don't watch CSI or Bones--can they get shards of explosive from a disintegrated plane like that they could match to what was in Woody's car or Driver Ed? There goes Dick's chance of getting the insurance money. Or, if he hires Aaron's lawyer to argue that Cassidy blew up everything and that's *why* that slutty Veronica Mars and one of her many boyfriends threw him off the roof, would the insurance company have to pay out even if everyone agreed he was the bomber? Interesting.) They admittedly didn't think of him as the rapist--has Lindelof every admitted to anything? Maybe that's the difference between them.

I'll say it right now--if they go back and make it a plot point that some of the things Veronica accused Cassidy of were not actually correct (they have the wiggle room--"My guess? You got the explosives from your dad's mechanic..." Well--you guessed wrong, Pumpkin. Etc.) and claim they had *that* planned all along? Fixing both the emotional cracks in it (Cassidy's motives never were about vengeance, etc.) and the plot cracks (false accusations come from Scooby-esque detective work)? I'll bow before their greatness and bake them snickerdoodles. For real. I don't expect them to do that, both because I don't think they're Tommy Schlamme (although they are excellent most of the time) and because I think they *wanted* to pin everything on Beaver to clean the slate for college life in S3--but I'd be *mightily* impressed and move them into the Schlamme category if they did it.

Also, Beaver took an axe and gave Lizzie Borden's parents 40 whacks.
May. 13th, 2006 12:46 am (UTC)
Re: More spoilerama
(the music on this show is almost as amazingly good as the casting)

I know! A Kinks cover and a Paul Westerberg song? Heaven.

I'm thinking that whatever made Daddy Mars ditch his much-anticipated trip to NY with V musta been pretty damn big. It's gotta be more than just a paycheck. It's gotta be something that either threatens the life or limb of someone they care about, or enough money to seriously change their entire quality of life.

Kendall's a really fun and fascinating character--there are almost an unlimited number of places you could take her. I can't wait to see how it plays out (assuming--knock on wood!--that the show comes back, with Charisma).

I really don't want Cassidy (Heck, where did that come from? What happened to my Beaver?) to have orchestrated Big Dick's fall. It's so much more interesting if he was actually trying to help his dad and craving the approval and attention he'd been denied. And you're totally right about the look on his face during the "Burn it! Shred it!" scene. No one was paying attention to him, so why does he look so upset unless he actually is upset? Either he was actually upset or it's another dishonest "Sharks pitching sucks" feint, and I call a foul on the play.

Beaver drove Lianne Mars to drink and stole Veronica's college money.

You know, every time I look at a picture of now I think, "Man, was that kid always so shady looking?"
May. 13th, 2006 03:09 pm (UTC)
Re: More spoilerama
What I don't understand is his relationship with Mac? Was it all a big show? Why did he bother getting back together with her if he was just going to fail to 'perform' as it were and then steal all her stuff and pretend to shoot her?

I don't get that.

I don't think I can speak to the premeditativeness of Beav's actions as they go back much too far for me to remember and I think I'm just gonna accept it and hope there's another season to look forward to. But I still don't like Kendall.
May. 13th, 2006 08:02 pm (UTC)
Re: More spoilerama
Noted: could be major fanwanking here. I have to believe the relationship with Mac is real. It doesn't make any sense plotwise if he doesn't care about Mac. Why go out with her at all? Phoenix Land Trust? He was paying her to do that stuff in the first place; why make the relationship anything other than a business one? If he's looking to prove his masculinity in 09er fashion, why Mac? He probably took more grief from Dick over her than if he'd just bounced around from one weak-willed cheerleader to another. Mac could have tutored Weevil to graduation tragedy on her own.

In addition, it pushes things forward if the relationship is genuine. Would we have been half as invested in Cassidy if we hadn't seen the relationship with Mac? :pleads guilty: It was the Algebra Tutoring of Young Love that convinced me he was a dead man--cute couples don't win in noir. And yet I begged--they win. Believing that they have a genuine relationship that includes some serious sexual problems is the tipping point of the season in terms of leading us to the entire Woody Goodman motive, which leads us to the blackmail, the bus bombing, and *maybe* the rape (I am neither kidding nor meaning to toot my own horn when I say that half an hour after the ghastly breakup in Plan B, I knew the incorporation solution--it all followed neatly from the question of why the problem with Mac existed). If he doesn't actually care about Mac, why not just lie and tell her that living with Dicks Sr. and Jr. has convinced him that waiting is a good idea? But we have to believe that he's willing--just unable. And we have to buy that he genuinely likes Mac to make that work.

Finally, I *totally* buy the idea that he believed he and Mac would...be successful (ahem!) at the graduation party--Woody is gone, which saves everything, and if anyone would believe that wealthy adults can go missing and remain unfound, it would be a Casablancas kid; the liquid courage is kicking in. But Corny's announcement leads directly to the bedroom disaster that follows, which brings him to the conclusion, finally, that he will never be normal. This hinges on the idea that he *wants* to be normal (the entire motive for the bus crash) and that Mac represents that to him. I'm really intrigued by the question of what might have happened if they'd never been intercepted by Corny. Would the tryst with Mac have been more successful? Would he have felt in control of enough pieces to be able to play Veronica? She really has no hard evidence on the bus crash, Curly, or the rape.

As to the sheets: because I buy into both the relationship with Mac and the molestation storyline, I can believe that he took the linens and everything else to protect Mac--to keep her in that room. "She's in a better place"? Anywhere is better than the Rooftop of Doom (although I think that line exists to throw off both Veronica and the audience--if V is caught up in the horror of thinking Mac is dead, maybe she'll be off her game). He doesn't want Mac dead, so he takes the sheets, hoping to dispose of Veronica and pin it on Aaron Echolls and then return and patch things up with Mac and be normal. Of course, he doesn't know that Aaron Echolls is about to have the best alibi ever, but that's classic noir--continuing to make worse and worse choices trying to cover up previous bad choices until everything comes undone.

How he intends to explain this to Mac is entirely beyond me (maybe I'm wrong about that; he's written off the ability to have a normal relationship with her after the latest sexual failure and just hopes to keep her safe, get rid of Veronica cleanly, and then use the naked weirdness as a final and complete break with Mac. Dunno.) It doesn't bother me so much, though, because I buy that Corny's news/the failure with Mac is the last straw in his unspooling, and that what caused his shame in the first place is exactly the kind of thing that's going to play into a weird desire to get rid of the sheets.

So I totally buy into the relationship with Mac as real and believe this is one of the things they actually set up really well, although it doesn't change the fact that Beaver stole credit card applications from the Echolls house so he could romance Paris Hilton and tried to pin it on Weevil.
May. 13th, 2006 07:08 pm (UTC)
Re: More spoilerama
I really don't want Cassidy (Heck, where did that come from? What happened to my Beaver?)

:blinks: :considers only half the question: I *knew* you'd succumb eventually. ;) It just feels...disrespectful to use "Beaver" now. Which I guess is a chunk of the characterization they were laying in anyway (isn't that just about the second thing we ever hear coming out of the kid's mouth, all the way back in M.A.D.?), so kudos to them--they win. Although I mostly blame Kyle Gallner for selling the line, the wretch.

I know! A Kinks cover and a Paul Westerberg song? Heaven.

The bass line was devastating enough, but the way they arranged it so "she is gone" was playing as they burst into the hotel room looking for Mac very nearly gave me a heart attack. I *knew* they weren't going to kill Mac for any number of reasons, including that it's soooo much more painful this way (are they not the very Kings of Comedy?), but it still very nearly gave me a heart attack. It would be nice to be able to listen to The Kinks again someday without having flashbacks, *Rob*.

It's gotta be something that either threatens the life or limb of someone they care about, or enough money to seriously change their entire quality of life.

Hmmm. In true "how much wood could a woodchuck chuck" fashion, I have to wonder how much money it would take to get Keith Mars to ditch his daughter, who has just gone through a major trauma*, at the airport. How big a briefcase would it take to hold $8 million, and how fast could Kendall get a chunk of that? If it's the former, who would Keith care about that much? Veronica, certainly. And...? Lianne? Ech. Alicia? Why make her a major plot point? Logan, via Veronica caring about him? Wallace via Veronica, Alicia, and Keith's own relationship with him? Is there really anyone else? On the other hand, I might be able to buy Keith leaping to the rescue of anyone in imminent danger. I'm...intrigued. I think RT has said Charisma won't be a regular next season :turns around three times, spits:, but their budget is so tiny that this isn't really surprising, and it doesn't mean they couldn't have her back in a recurring role. Long live Kendall!

And while I remain convinced that Cassidy didn't intentionally bring down his father or kill Curly Moran (at least not the way Veronica imagined he did), and while I am still teetering on the rape issue, and while Aaron's confession seems to seal up the Lilly Kane murder, you bring up the excellent point that he might be responsible for every other crime that ever took place on this show. Beaver stole Granny Sajak's car and ran over Harry's dog! Although he did not always look shady doing so, with icon presented as evidence.

*you know, this makes me wonder. I've always been convinced that V never told Keith about the rape (I think there's actual text for this at some point, although I'm not sure any of it comes after she figures out what happened in ATttD). I was kind of surprised it didn't come up at Aaron's trial (presumably Lamb never filed a report of her visit to the Wizard). So has she told Keith now?
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