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We had it good there, for a while...

I was very brave and didn't cry until Jed opened the napkin at the end. *sob* Overall, I thought it was a decently nice job. The earth didn't move or anything, but it didn't make me angry or leave me feeling betrayed, either. I appreciated that they gave all of the minor characters their own little moments. Ginger! Ed and Larry! Nancy! Ron "Sexypants" Butterfield! Even Elizabeth, one of the longtime extras, got a line of her own.

But the very best moment of all was the shot of Aaron in the audience at the inauguration. Aaron! Look, it's Aaron! Awwwwww. And he's put on some weight, which hopefully means he's off the hard stuff. We love you, Aaron! Plus, a Studio 60 commercial! Yay!

Yeah, I guess I'm not as sad as I feared I'd be, because the show really did end for me years ago. Whatever this is that's been on the last couple of season hasn't been my show, it's just an imitation, as the re-airing of the pilot so aptly drove home.

"Boy, those were the days, huh?"
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