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Via thestickywicket, all you Firefly writers get thee to musesfool's We Cease to be Earthbound - The Firefly-West Wing Title Challenge, because it combines two of my favorite shows and it is absolutely eerie how many West Wing episode titles would make for kick ass Firefly fics. No, really.

Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc. Take Out the Trash Day. Celestial Navigation. In the Shadow of Two Gunmen. And It's Surely to Their Credit. Shibboleth. Somebody's Going to Emergency, Somebody's Going to Jail. The Fall's Gonna Kill You. War Crimes (a sequel to War Stories, perhaps?). Not to mention the all-purpose Aaron classic, What Kind of Day Has It Been? And that's just a few examples from the first couple seasons, there are dozens more that would be really fun to work with. So go. Sign up. Write.

I am staying out of this one, though. Probably. I'm still struggling with my Snakes on a Plane! challenge fic and the deadline for that one is looming and I seem to recall swearing recently that I was done writing Firefly fic for a while. Oh, but it's only a 500 word minimum, surely I could crank that out in an afternoon? No, I'm not doing it. No way. Probably.

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