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Knitting picspamapalooza

While I've been not updating the few couple of weeks, I've been doing a lot of reading (I've re-read half of the collected works of Jane Austen thus far) and a lot of knitting. And I finally got it together enough to take some pictures and upload them.

This is the Big Bad Baby Blanket from Stitch 'n' Bitch that I have been knitting forEVER. It's for our friends A and S who moved back to Canada a couple years ago. I started it in December, shortly after they told us they were having another baby. They're not exactly what you'd call traditional folks, so I decided to do something more colorful than the typical pastel baby blanket. It's taking me simply forever, though, because it's just so boring to knit, and there's just so much of it. Also I'm not in love with the way the yarn turned out, so I feel vaguely disgruntled every time I look at it. And... the baby was born last month, so maybe if I really get on the ball I'll be done before she starts pre-school. (They named her Artemesia Edna, by the way.)

To relieve some of the boredom induced by the blanket, I knit this washcloth from Weekend Knitting. The Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille yarn was a real bitch to work with, what with its almost complete lack of elasticity. And it looked really terrible before I blocked it--all puckered and uneven stitches and rumpled edges. But I think it came out pretty nicely in the end. It's amazing what a little water will do. I bought another skein of the yarn in a pretty fern green to do another one, but after all the trouble this one was, I'm not sure I'll be able to make myself do it again.

Then I knit a Stitch 'n' Bitch/Kittyville Kitty Hat for the munchkin. I used the Mission Falls 1824 wool like the pattern recommends and after the nightmare of the cotton chenille it was an absolute dream. Soft and gorgeous and wonderful. Of course you can't see any of the detail on the hat because it's black. Which is why I decided to alter the pattern and do the insides of the ears in pink, so they'd stand out more. I just used a little Red Heart I had lying around and I think it came out pretty cool. The munchkin's planning on wearing it around at Comic-con.

And now I'm working on my very first pair of socks. They're the Pippi Kneestockings, again from Stitch 'n' Bitch (I'm trying to work my way through all the patterns I want to try in the books I've already got before investing in more books). You can sort of see the calf shaping, which I've almost finished, and then I start the heel flap. Wish me luck!



Jun. 21st, 2006 04:29 pm (UTC)
Eeeeeeeeeeee! You've been holding out on us, you busy bee. Everything looks gorgeous (and the washcloth *is* for the cool circle bathroom ;).

Both the blanket (which looks great--I know you feel like it will never end, but it's *much* bigger than it was when you were working on it at Sundance) and the kitty hat (looooove the pink ears) remind me that I love the way seed stitch looks but I hate doing it. Good to know about the chenille yarn being a pain--I think I'll avoid that, since wrestling the less-elastic yarn gives my arthritic, gnarled hands fits. And are you going to have to block a *washcloth* after each use? Frame that sucker!

You are *so brave* to be taking on socks--I am way too chicken for that. Bring them to Comic-Con with your Adult Swim socks! Do you have the Knitty Gritty episode on socks to refer to for the heel flap? They appear to have some of the video up on their website:

as well as a general sock tutorial:

Most important, though--I can't believe how grown-up the Munchkin is getting! :sniff:
Jun. 21st, 2006 10:21 pm (UTC)
I don't actually mind dong the seed stitch because it's a pretty narrow strip (although it is the part I tend to screw up the most if I'm not paying close enough attention). It's the fact that half of every row is pearled and the rows are so wiiiiiiiidddddeeeee. I hate doing that much pearling in a row.

Frodo recorded the Knitty Gritty sock episode the other day and I'm saving it in case I run into trouble.

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