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Today I...

1) Went to the dentist and discovered I had two cavities which will need to be filled. Boo. But it serves me right for waiting so long between visits. I also had impressions made for bleach trays so I can get my teeth whitened.

2) Was nominated for a Cry Me a River award for my Angel fic "Undrowning" over at rerunawards. Yay! And thanks to damnskippytoo for the super-sweet nomination.

3) Made an appointment for an aromatherapy pedicure tomorrow so I'd have pretty feet for yoga on Friday. (Yes, I am hopelessly vain.)

4) Watched These Girls, the movie famous for giving us naked Boreanaz. It was okay. Not great, but kind of enjoyable. It was nice to see Caroline Dhavernas again, at least.

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