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Lest ya'll think I've disappeared off the face of the earth, I thought I ought to post an update. I have been (mostly) keeping up with my flist, but haven't been doing much commenting.

Mostly it's been my back that's kept me away. See, for a while it was a lot better, so I was busy catching up with all the stuff I hadn't been able to do while I was laid up. But then a couple weeks ago it got worse again for no reason I can figure out. So between that and catching a cold, I've been spending a lot of time lying on my back rather than sitting at the computer. And when I haven't been lying down I've been madly knitting, trying to finish my knee socks in time to wear them at Comic-con. I've got sock one completed and I'm just about to start the heel flap on sock two, so I think I might make it.

Speaking of Comic-con, only six days until we leave! SQUEE! We're arriving in San Diego on Tuesday evening so we can spend all day Wednesday at the zoo with the munchkin for her birthday. Tonight I'm going to start on my famous Comic-con spreadsheet because it's important to prioritize and organize the fun. I promise to post recaps and pics here for everyone just like I did last year.

Oh, and for those who remember my dad's trip to the E.R. a few weeks ago, he seems to be fine now. We're thinking the pain was caused by an intramuscular bruise.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go work on my Comic-con spreadsheet.
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