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Everybody wants prosthetic foreheads on their real heads

So I'm watching Angel this afternoon while I do laundry, and it's the pilot, and Angel's at this bar pretending to be drunk but really he's watching these jackholes that he follows out into the alley, because, of course they're vampires. And Jackhole #1 says something all jackhole-y and I'm like, what a stereotypical television ass, yet at the same time I find him strangely attractive, which is disturbing. But then I realize that there's something familiar about this strangely attractive jackhole, and then, just before his brows pop out in all their lame vampire prosthetic forehead glory, I realize that OMG it's totally Sawyer from Lost! Which is completely neither here nor there, but still kinda cool. At least I thought so. And then Angel went all ninja and killed him. Poor Jackhole.

P.S. I did pilates and now my neck feels all kinds of better, which makes me happy, hence the rambling.

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