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I am back safe and sound from San Diego and mostly recovered from the time change and the general exhaustion. The munchkin had a great birthday, the San Diego zoo rocked, my back benefited from all the extra walking and an awesome time was had at Comic-con.

Sadly, Joss Whedon didn't stalk me this year, although I did pass him once in the exhibition hall as he was wending his way through the crowd towards the California Browncoats booth. Our hotel seemed to be chock full of notable persons, though. We rode on the elevator with--at various times--Seth Green (whose room was down the hall from ours), Kazuo Koike, and Scott Kurtz. Also spotted at our hotel were Rosario Dawson and Jason Lewis (checking in) and Marv Wolfman (eating dinner). We also saw Aaron Williams at a restaurant one night and the next day when Mr. Sus talked to him at the con he said we should have come over and joined him. But the best celeb encounter of all was when Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol!) winked at me and Richard Hatch offered the munchkin gum.

The panels didn't seem to be quite as good this year. Honestly, I think my favorite was the Animaniacs/Pinky and the Brain panel because I got to hear Rob Paulsen sing Yakko's countries of the world song and Jess Harnell sing Wakko's state capitals song. I also went to panels for The Simpsons, Battlestar Galactica, Bones, Veronica Mars, and The Tick, and I'll try to organize the interesting tidbits I can remember into some kind of post. Unlike last year, we didn't end up going to many of the big movie studio panels, with the exception of the WB presentations.

I've been trying to skim over my flist to catch up with ya'll. It sounds like the WriterConners had a fantabulous time in Atlanta and I can't wait to go back and read more about it.
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