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The dingoes ate my chief of staff!

Congrats to the Red Sox and to all their fans!

It's doubly good news, because, according to the Wall Street Journal (which I'd link to directly, but it requires a damn subscription), "Standard and Poor's has noted that when a team with red uniforms wins the World Series, the Democratic candidate wins 71% of the time."

Also, I'd just like to say that if the Astros had made it to the World Series (something they've NEVER DONE--EVER), they would have given the Sox a run for their money and made it a much more interesting series. Of course, the Astros would have ultimately choked (as they inevitably do), so the Sox still would have won, but that would have been fine with me, because all I want is to see my hometown team make it to the damn World Series, and I don't even care if they actually win or not. Okay, I'm done being bitter about that now.

Lost was once again really good last night. How totally cute was Charlie when he saw his guitar and got all lip-trembly? Such a Merry moment. Even better, txvoodoo has a clip of the lip tremble up here, because she rocks. I'm just so loving this show, because it's got elements of a thriller/action show, but really it's totally character driven. I'm not sure what they're going to do when they're done exploring the back story of all the main characters, though. I guess that's when the deus ex Rambaldi shit is going to start falling out of the sky.

West Wing was totally bleh. I appreciated the basketball, but it wasn't enough to make the episode not suck. I didn't think they could write Leo's character any worse than they have been, but obviously I was wrong. What the hell was that? "Hmmm, I seem to be having a heart attack--I think I'll wander off into the woods alone." Followed by 10 minutes worth of sun-dapple shots of Staggering!Leo. My god, hurry up with the keeling over and get off the show already! On the other hand, I am looking forward to C.J.'s announcement next week that the president's chief of staff was eaten by wild dogs in the woods at Camp David.

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