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I love the smell of pumpkin in the morning

It's a crisp 73 degrees outside and Einstein Bros. has pumpkin bagels again. Yep, my favorite season is officially here. Unfortunately, the gorgeous weather seems to be giving me allergies, which is not awesome.

I almost completely forgot about the Gilmore Girls premiere last night, ya'll. My TiVo is set to record House and I'd meant to either pop in a tape or watch GG live but I damn near forgot all about it. Honestly, I can barely remember how the show ended last season, except I distinctly remember hating every single character.

Last night's episode was eh. There was a distinct lack of funny, but at least the characters were reacting to things in relatable, human ways instead of as the bizarre, Daniel Palladino-motivated automatons they had been. Most of the scenes with the townies made me cringe (I seriously almost muted all of the scenes with Taylor) and I don't know if it's because the new management doesn't have it down yet or because I am just so over this show by now. And afterwards I realized I was feeling really pissy and stressed out and I realized it was because the tone of the episode had rubbed off on me. I so do not watch Gilmore Girls to be stressed out, ya'll. So, yeah, I don't know if I'm going to be sticking with this show this season.

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