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Heya, darlings, what up? Yes, I am still alive and still here. Yes, I know I haven't posted in, like, ages. No, I have no explanation for it, except that I just haven't been inspired to update. Blame World of Warcraft, knitting, and the mediocre fall television season, I guess. Also the fact that we threw a Halloween party this year, so much of October was taken up getting ready for that, and then suddenly it was nearly Thanksgiving and this is why having NaNoWriMo in November is never going to be manageable for me.

What else happened while I was in my self-imposed internet seclusion? I went to Charleston, S.C., with austin360 to visit dutch38 and jt76 and their sweet puppies, which was a blast. And I've got lots of pictures of old cemeteries that I may or may not get around to posting for ya'll.

I also had a lovely visit from mikijean last week. Much knitting and television watching was done by all. We also managed to hit the best yarn stores in both Houston and Austin and see more than a few movies. For those keeping score, Happy Feet is delightful, The Queen is absolutely fascinating, and Casino Royale is merely pretty good, but Daniel Craig is a totally rockin' (and Hawt! and Naked!) Bond. I also saw Stranger Than Fiction a couple weeks ago and it is wonderful and so far my favorite of all the movies I've seen this year (which is maybe all of six or seven, total).

Oh, and I've started knitting my first sweater, the ChicKnits Ribby Cardi, on the advice of carmen_sandiego, and it's going swimmingly so far.

In other news, it went from a balmy 73 degrees to a gusty 49 degrees this morning in the ten minutes it took me to drive the munchkin to school. Did someone schedule an apocalypse and not tell me?

I really want to post some stuff about recent television, but I've got a ton of crap to do today so I should probably get on it and save the TV ramblings for a later post. Kisses!

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