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2006 Fic Roundup

Everyone else is doing it, so...

Favorite of the batch
"Deuce of Hearts" [Firefly:gen]
Reading Jane Espenson's inspiring blog made me want to try my hand at writing a Firefly episode, and that's what I did. This is the longest fic I wrote this year, the one I worked the hardest on, and the one that makes me happiest. It's the first time I've ever sat down to write something this ambitious, done the research, made an outline, and finished writing the whole damn thing in about a month. And I just this afternoon finished adapting it into a spec script, which was... horrifically painful. But a good learning experience.

Best of the batch
"Undrowning" [AtS:Angel/Cordelia]
As much as I love my Firefly story, objectively, this is probably the best thing I've ever written. It's also the most personal. I took a lot of Angel's experiences in the aftermath of Cordy's death directly from my own experience after the death of my mother. And it earned me the most flattering compliment I've ever received on my writing: a comparison to the Buffy episode "The Body."

Most fun to write
"Valley of Ashes [BtVS/AtS:Angel/Buffy]
Okay, it's technically from December 2005 but I'm counting it anyway. I wrote this post-NaNoWriMo and never has a fic come so easily or so quickly. It practically wrote itself. Probably because I was just so damn happy not to be working on that horrid novel anymore. Despite its gloomy subject-matter, this one was a blast.

Sexiest fic
"Thinking About Thinking of You" [VM:Veronica/Logan]
Maybe not sexy as much as it is romantic. Yes, I'm a big slobbery ball of fangirly mush when it comes to this pairing. And though I'm far from the greatest writer in the world, I think season three proved that I can write them a damn sight better than Rob Thomas, et. al., do.

Most underappreciated
Astonishingly, I don't feel like any of my fics were underappreciated. I was blessed in 2006 in that the fics that I was most proud of were lucky enough to receive a lot of really lovely comments and the fics that received less attention did so deservedly, I thought.

Biggest disappointment
"Goodbye, Cruel World" [AtS:gen]
Blindingly mediocre is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of this fic. A sequel to "Curses" that was supposed to be the beginning of a whole virtual season six series of fics. Um, no. The more I wrote, the worse it got.

The "Holy crap, that's wrong even for you!" fic
Will never see the light of day. It's a sequel to "Goodbye, Cruel World" that just goes on and on and on in all its pointless, meandering, Mary Sue-ish glory. Yeah, I'm keeping that one to myself, thank you very much.

Hardest fic to write
"In Flagrante Delicto" [BSG:Kara/Lee]
My sad attempt at smut. This was my bubbleficathon entry and man, was this thing like pulling teeth. Porn without plot just does not come easily to me. It started out a lot smuttier, too, but the more I worked on it the more smut I took out. Can I help it if I find the stuff between the lines way sexier than the explicit stuff?

Biggest surprise
"Second Hand News" [VM:Veronica/Logan]
Who would have thought I'd be inspired to write a filler fic? And after the season two finale of all things, which left me feeling mostly ambivalent.

Fic that shifted my own perspective of the characters
That'd be "Deuce of Hearts" again. I've never liked Inara much, and I've certainly never been a fan of Mal/Inara, but writing this fic gave me new insight into and appreciation for the Space Ho, as I so bitterly dubbed her when Firefly first premiered.

Fic resolutions for 2007
Write more fic. (What do you mean I haven't posted a fic since last May? Lord.) Write better fic. Write shorter fic. Read more fic. Comment on more fic. Write more stuff that isn't fic.

Hope everyone's having a terrific new year so far!
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