hannasus (hannasus) wrote,

First of all, I have to start off by declaring my warmest felicitations to tlbelle and her recently-acquired fiance. Congratulations, you two!

In her LJ today, carmen_sandiego was talking about our real Real Life identities and how little some of us may know about each other outside of LJ. So, in the interest of disclosure, here's a little something about me...

In a past life I did marketing/advertising/graphic design for a variety of products including greeting cards, Olympic boxers and computers. I gave all that up to be a stay-at-home mom to my now eight-year-old daughter and haven't looked back since. I don't miss working in an office and can't think of any reason other than unexpected, dire financial need that would compel me to go back.

Right around the time I turned 30 I discovered that writing could actually be something you did for fun, as opposed to an unpleasant but necessary component of school/work. Since then I've tried my hand at writing various kinds of fiction, including fan fic, novels, short stories, screen plays and television scripts. I've started a lot of projects and finished only a few, though I've recently gotten somewhat better about that. Oh, and for a brief time I ran a fannish web site called JedBartlet.com.

I watch a lot of TV and always have. Two years ago I discovered knitting as a perfect complement to my TV-watching and then set out to hook all my friends on it as well.

carmen_sandiego also mentioned a meme where you were supposed list everyone on your flist that you've met IRL, and since most of my closest "real life" friends are actually people I initially met through fandom, let me just say that _gruntle_, alanao, austin360, bgirlla, dutch38, ja_is_my_muse, jt76, kelbelle, mcsister, mikijean, pookha and tlbelle are all really lovely people in real life, and I am honored to have met them. And I hope to meet more of you guys some day.

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