hannasus (hannasus) wrote,

So, I, um, kind of totally enjoyed last night's Lost. What's up with that? I mean, I liked it so much I sort of wanna go watch it again.

I think possibly it's just been so long since I'd watched it that I forgot exactly how hot and awesome Sawyer is. And Jack wasn't nearly as infuriating as usual. And it's possible I may be developing a little girl-crush on Juliet and I don't even know WHERE that came from.

Plus, and this, I think is key, when I haven't watched it in a long time, I forget exactly how well-scripted it is, and how beautifully shot, and how amazing the score is. I have to say that I continue to be enamored of the weekly character flashback school of storytelling, at least when the flashbacks are even mildly interesting. No matter its flaws (and they are GRAVE), compared to the clumsy, hackneyed writing on many of the shows I've been watching (Heroes, Bones, Studio 60, and even Veronica Mars nowadays), Lost still manages to be the cream of the crop.

If I'm not mistaken, however, I believe last night's episode went and made mpreg canon in the Lostverse. No, really. I shudder to think of the badfic that will ensue.
Tags: lost

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