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Anyone who hasn't checked out the pilot episode of "The Riches" on FX should hurry and set their TiVo. I think they're running it three more times this week before episode two premieres on Monday. Although the billboards for the show spamming L.A.--with an image of a giant, house-sized ski mask that's more reminiscent of S&M enthusiasts than criminals--are kind of disturbing, the show itself is terrific. Or at least the pilot episode is. We'll see what the coming episodes bring and whether they can sustain the premise week-to-week.

If that's not enough of an endorsement let me throw out the image of Eddie Izzard as a Louisiana grifter and family man. And Minnie Driver as his cough-syrup-addicted wife. It's a dark show, but the darkness is balanced by humor and by Eddie Izzard's incredible charisma. Okay, I don't quite buy Izzard as Louisiana trailer trash, but I don't care, because he lights up the screen.

Best of all, the main characters are people you can actually like and sympathize with, because, despite the criminal culture in which they're immersed, they're actually good people who aren't afraid to show a little affection toward one another. It's no Deadwood or The Sopranos (or even Weeds) where you loathe yourself a little bit for rooting for the morally murky protagonists.

So go forth and TiVo, my friends!



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Mar. 14th, 2007 03:05 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the rec. I did TiVo this on Monday, but I haven't gotten around to watching it yet. I'll prioritize it now. :)
Mar. 14th, 2007 04:02 pm (UTC)
Already done. Although I'm still not sure I *like* it so much as I'm intriqued by it and thinking there's nothing else I want to watch. *g*
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