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Double double toil and trouble

Happy Halloween, everyone! Watch out for beasts and ghosties! The Munchkin and I spent the afternoon decorating the house with rubber bats and plastic bones and pumpkin lights leftover from Halloweens past. She's going as Raven from Teen Titans tonight, which is totally cute, but no one but a few kids and comic fans are going to recognize her.

Speaking of comic fans, Mr. Sus and I play this online RPG called City of Heroes. For Halloween this weekend they added this special content so you can take your character trick or treating in the game by clicking on various doors and either you get a treat in the form of free power boosts and stuff, or you get a trick and witches and werewolves come out of the door and attack you. Or you can get a rock, which is a temporary power that lets you throw a rock at a bad guy. Which means everyone's running around proudly exclaiming, "I got a rock!" Yeah, guess what I've been doing all weekend.

Ya'll have fun tonight, and be safe!

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