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Who the hell is Nikki?

Ya'll, Lost was actually fully awesome last night. Not in that mind-breaking "Walkabout" kind of way, but just in a fun, hilariously meta, pretty much completely standalone and yet it totally works kind of way. Billy Dee Williams, people! Need I say more?

The producers have been saying for months that we just had to wait for the Nikki & Paolo episode, because it was going to be great and then we'd get why these two losers were taking up our screen space. Yeah, right, whatever. Only they were kinda right.

All the in-jokes, the recreated flashbacks with long-dead cast members (Arzt!), the genre-parodying cheese. It's not "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose" or anything, but it might have almost been "Small Potatoes." Okay, maybe not quite that awesome, but it was at least "Hollywood A.D." Shut up, I liked that episode. It and "Je Souhaite" were my only rewards for struggling through the miasma that was season seven of the X-Files.

Anyhoo, I guess this means I'm officially back on the Lost train. 'Cause I've actually really been enjoying it this season. And until something better gets scheduled opposite it, what the hell else am I gonna do with my time?
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