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Happy happy birthday wishes to the delightful qill13! May it be a fantastic day full of lots of love and cake and Apollo and Goren!

Am v. excited because my Angel Scriptbook Vol. 2 just arrived from Amazon. Smile Time! You're Welcome! Not Fade Away! I Will Remember You! Could there *be* any more awesome in one book? It's possible I've gone back to working on some old Angel fics.

Hmmm. There was something else I was gonna post about, but in my excitement over the script book I seem to have forgotten what it was.

Oh yeah! I was gonna say that I've actually enjoyed the last few episodes of Gilmore Girls, believe it or not. They've been pretty much about nothing, but have had some really nice character moments. And frankly I prefer episodes about nothing to the clumsy plot manipulations we had to suffer through last season. Also, Melissa McCarthy is one of the most beautiful women on television.

Okay, now I'm off to read the part about Angel and Spike and the big dragon...
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