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Last night was our Bones episode! And by ours I mean the one they were shooting while we were on set. The Angela/Cam/Zack scene in the autopsy room with the Igor line? We were totally standing in Angela's office while they were shooting that scene! And in the bone room, and up on the catwalk, and in the ookey room, and in Brennan's office. We were sort of sneaking around all over place in between takes and then freezing or ducking out of site whenever the camera started rolling. The camera I got to touch, by the way. Too cool.

And I was not entirely surprised to find that the scene fell just as flat in the context of the aired episode as it did when we heard it on set. But otherwise I enjoyed the episode. Oh, who am I kidding, I squeed like a dolphin through large chunks of it. I have more love for Hodgins every week.

Lost was also totally kick ass last night. It was the first time in a while that I've really liked Locke. Teaming him up with Sawyer made for some really great scenes.
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